1. The march toward a paperback edition of A Stray in the Woods continues, and yesterday my assistant, Miles, and I finished with one of the final steps: correcting the proofs and mailing them back to the printer!

    In the case of this particular book, there were two kinds of proofs: color contract proofs and content proofs. Color contract proofs are meant to offer an accurate preview of what the color pages will look like — they’re printed on quality paper at high resolution, and are as close to the final offset “press sheets” as possible. Content proofs are printed on a regular laser printer, and are meant to simulate the physical construction and layout of the book — the signatures (stacks of sheets folded together) are all the same as they will be in the actual book, and so if there were any problems with page order or alignment, this was my chance to catch them.

    We’re still on track to have books in hand by late August. Fingers crossed!

    (PS: If you’re interested in knowing when A Stray in the Woods books, prints, stickers and bookmarks will be available for sale online, I’ve put together a single-use mailing list for just that purpose!)