1. As I’m typing this, there are 39 hours left in the A Stray in the Woods print edition Kickstarter. Perfect timing for a last-minute, super-special bonus surprise for my backers!

    These are letterpress bookmarks, printed by the masterful Sayre Gaydos at Peter Kruty Editions, a shop located just a few blocks from my apartment here in Brooklyn. I picked them up from the shop an hour ago, and oh gosh, I cannot believe how gorgeously they came out. 

    So here’s the deal.

    Every person who backs the A Stray in the Woods project at a silkscreen, sketch or “pet portrait” tier will be getting one of these. No extra money, no special additional tier — I’m just so grateful to everyone who’s helped my little cat comic project get this far, and this is my way of saying “thank you.”

    There are still some silkscreen slots left, if you’d like one of these bookmarks and the gocco prints I posted about last week!

    ALSO: As of this evening, we’ve made the final stretch goal and will be printing everyone’s books on offset presses. I honestly didn’t think we’d manage it, but…well, here we are! And man…these books are gonna look FAN. TASTIC.